Saturday, 27 October 2012


Holland and Barrett - Around £5

Ok so this is one of those products I've always wanted to try on both my skin and hair as I know a lot of hype surrounds it. I know you can use coconut oil in cooking too, but with this specific pot you can't. My experiences with using this on my skin weren't too great. My skin is awful in recent years - I have a really oily t zone and dry patches (and sometimes eczema) on my cheeks and around my mouth, this then combined with really really sensitive skin all over makes it an absolute nightmare when looking at products for my skin. This just seemed to sit on the surface and cause breaking out/rashes on my face - not on a catastrophic level, but it did take a good couple of weeks for my skin to return to it's normal state. So due to this I stopped using it on my face and tried it on my hair.

The experience I had with using it on my hair, however, was COMPLETELY different. I absolutely love it! It's the only product I've tried which makes my hair smooth and relatively silky (it's hard to tame the birds nest which is my hair). I've got argan oil, tried hair masks, deep conditioning - the lot and none of it works half as well as this! The only problem at first was knowing how much to apply without looking you've had a bath in a chip pan, but once you figure out the right quantity you need it's brilliant.

The consistency with this specific pot is actually a solid - unless its warmed up (sometimes I blow my hairdryer on it) to turn it into an oil. But it works just as well either way. I usually use a small amount just after I've washed it, then a bit more when it's half dry and then again when It's completely dry. I think this would be perfect if you have scarecrow/straw hair like me (my hair has really suffered over the years with excessive dying/ bleaching etc) as it really smooths it out, but, like I said if you use too much - it isn't a good look! (unless you like the greasy look? each to their own!)

I know this will last me aaaages, it's 207ml, I use it all the time and I've still got loads left - I definitely think it will last me another 4/5 months and I've had it around 2. I think this is a great product if you need to tame unruly hair but on a low budget!


  1. oh this sounds lovely ! xx

  2. Ohh thanks for the heads up, sounds fabulous! Love your hair!

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  3. I have skin that sounds similar to yours and i was thinking about buying this for my skin so i won't be using it on that now. My hairs so curly and frizzy and dead naturally so i'll definitely be buying this and trying it out on my hair because nothing ever works.

    Thanks for the post!

  4. this sounds great for your hair!I have really long hair that needs a lot of attention and this sounds perfect!

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  5. Going to try this asap!

  6. I've wanted to try coconut oil for quite a while, forgot about it till now. definitely need to add it back on to the wish list x x x

  7. I've been loving coconut oil for baking!! tastes delicious haha :)