Thursday, 11 October 2012



Grey and White vest - Primark - £4 each
Grey mid sleeved t shirt - Primark - £6
Black suede bag - Zara - £40
Black maxi skirt with splits - Zara - £20

So these are generally just 'basic' items which I picked up over the course of this week. The bag (which my camera won't seem to pick up?!) is amazing, I lovvvvvve it! The skirt I will also be wearing out tomorrow night possibly, and I can't stress enough how the first two vests are such good quality for Primark. Usually Primark t shirts have that see-through look going on, but these are much thicker and for £4, I mean seriously. Just a note though, they actually have a really long back and a short front which you can't see because I've tucked them in. I'm not a fan of this personally, but I generally tuck all my t shirts in anyway so it's easily disguised (sorry if that made no sense?). 

This week has been so long and boring i'm shattered. I still have to go in tomorrow, only for a couple of hours though, but it's so much effort to roll out of bed (sobsob) My weekend also looks pretty bleak, uni work all day everyday it looks like - effort


  1. Very nice simple outfits! Love it


  2. love this minimal mood
    nice blog honey

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    Patchwork à Porter

  3. really loving the look of the primarni tops ! xx

  4. dont know what camera you have but your photos are lovely! love the black skirt, may have to pay zara a visit today :) xxx

  5. Oooh, what a great little collection you've picked up. Very verstaile, I keep scrolling thruogh the pics but I can't decide on my favourite. It all looks fab :)

  6. those vest tops are great little basics, they fit you really well. I hate ill fitting basics xx

  7. el ultimo outfit me encanta!

    New outfit post en el blog "MILITARY JEANS"

  8. the boyfriend pants are so icredible!

  9. Actually in love with your style. I recently bought that maxi skirt with slits from zara, how does it look like that on you and yet i look like a massive frump. not fair haha!
    new follower, love your blog. maybe check out and follow me if you like