Sunday, 14 October 2012



So my last post was 3 days ago so I'd thought I'd post today. I've been 'busy' (or I should of been busy oops) doing uni work and things so haven't had chance to photograph anything I've worn :-( My goal is to post more, but I'm just one of these people whose time seems to evaporate because I faff around alot! gahhh

Here I just plaited my hair to make it wavy, my lipstick is Mac - pink plaid and I'm wearing my trusty Guns N' Roses t shirt! (I'd just like to point out that I LOVE Guns N Roses, hence why I'm wearing the t shirt -  I wore this same t shirt (well one alot smaller...) when I was 10/11 at download festival to see Slash!)

Enough of the unrelated blurb, I've been trawling through the Zara website (as usual) admiring the beautiful clothes at a distance and have picked out a few bits I really want - Sadly my bank balance won't allow, but I can dream.

                      Dress -  £89.99                                                           Jumpsuit - £39.99

                           Jeans - £39.99                                                            Trousers - £25.99

                     Shirt - £22.99                                                                  Jacket - £60

This is just my narrowed down want list too - I literally want everything from Zara!


  1. wow your stunning doll <3 x

  2. i love everything from zara, one of my fave highstreet brand, so classic and on trend! great look,


  3. You are incredibly pretty!! And I've just fallen in love with that jacket! Amazing! xx

  4. I am totally the same as you - I faff around and then I've run out of time to do anything! Love the tee too, btw.

  5. how cute is that first dress

  6. your hair looks fantastic ! xx

  7. i just went a little crazy shopping zara online (definitely got those camo pants!). their latest collection is so great though! loving your blog, i'm your newest follower! xx

  8. just found your blog, now following :) zara have way too many nice things!
    new blog

  9. love the vintage tank and your hair, girl!

    xx. Hybrid Hunter

    follow each other?

  10. I love your Guns and Roses Tee, it would look wicked teamed with those camo skinnies.