Sunday, 7 October 2012



From left to right: Desert, Innocent, Satin, Beguiled £8 each


So earlier I unearthed my Topshop lipsticks which I haven't used in a while (I also have a lilac one which seems to have dissapeared off the face of the earth???) because I generally tend to favour my Mac one's instead.
Whilst I like these lipsticks, I don't think they're that great. I prefer the formula of Mac lipsticks and they generally last longer. These seem to be quite runny (? for lack of better explanation) which I generally don't like (I have no idea why I bought this many in the first place) and as far as lipsticks go I'd say they're pretty average. For £8 I personally think they're overpriced....... I know some people really like these lipsticks but I 'd just say they're passable. On the website I can see that they still do Innocent and Beguiled and some similar shades to Desert and Satin. 

On another note, I'm looking at universities to apply to next year and was wondering if anyone knew of any good art universities? (especially to do Illustration) I've already ruled out Falmouth and St Martins so any suggestions would be welcome!


  1. Beguiled is such a pretty shade ! Oh Art is really not my domain of expertise but if I hear anything from my friends, I'll let you know ! x

  2. Thanks for the review, they look great but if they are runny I don't think I'll get them. Desert is gorgeous though.

  3. I really like Beguiled, it suits you so much. Love your hair btw! Following you blog now, would be awesome if you checked mine out and let me know what you thought! :) xx

  4. 'Beguiled' looks gorgeous x

  5. apparently Leeds college of art is pretty good?although art is definitely not my area of expertise haha just what I've heard!i know what you mean about these lipsticks not lasting very long,I have one in pillow talk but I love the colour so much I don't mind reapplying it every two minutes ha!x

  6. oh gosh, you suit so many different shades of lipstick mrs! its crazy, you're so lucky, and oh so pretty- major envy.
    i really like you're blog so i've just started following, you seem so nice and normal ha, in a good way of course so it'd be lovely if you'd pop over for a chat sometime.
    hope to hear from you,
    laura x

  7. Just read this post, totally agree! Did a post last week on Beguiled, was not impressed with it at all! Runny is the perfect word for it xx