Saturday, 6 October 2012


Jumper - Primark - £8
Belt - Zara - £(can't remember)
Skirt - Zara - £25/30ish

So today was pretty sunny, so I decided to whip out this skirt I got from Zara a few months back. In England even when there's a hint of sun everyone's getting their shorts and sunglasses out (no joke the amount of people I saw today in shorts was ridiculoussss and it's freezing! crazy people) The belt I got from Zara in Costa del Sol earlier on in the year and I love it! Asos did (or still do?) one's that were identical but I'm unsure if they're still around. Lastly, knitwear always has to be Primark! (even though Zara and H&M knitwear is so nice but Primark is the cheapest!)

On another note I saw so many nice things I wanted today it was actually depressing, but I think I might buy a few bits off Zara online later... consequently meaning I will probably be housebound for the rest of the year (unemployable student problems) goodbye life!

I also forgot to edit my light switch off two of these photos (whoops) I'm sure knowone is even that bothered... apart from me. There was a big black blanket creeping in on most of these photos as well which I had to edit out (jeeeeeeez) so I hope you can't tell!


  1. I love this skirt, very pretty! x

  2. You are so pretty and your skirt is lovely!

  3. loving that skirt and belt combo hun ! x

  4. You're so stunning! I love that skirt and belt together xx


  5. gorgeous pics x

  6. you look stunning! loving the skirt, even though its summery it works well with the knitwear :)xxx


  7. The skirt!!! <3