Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Fur Collar cardigan -
Faux leather shorts - H&M
Belt - Primark - £1
Black Body - Topshop

Hello......... well thought I'd get back into blogging with something totally new and different for me (I joke), an all black ensemble. Although, for British winter this outfit isn't that suitable (probably need a minimum of 2 more coats, 3 hats and 6 scarves) but on the odd chance it's slightly warmer (wouldn't bet on it) I'd probably wear this out! ~can't stop me~

Christmas is looming (and payday!!!!) so I can FINALLY buy new clothes. I've got so bored of my clothes recently I've just been wearing jeans, a plain t shirt and a jumper etc which is quite tragic really. I don't actually like Christmas, the films, the songs, decorations - they drive me insane! (for the Grinch I can make exceptions) I find it a bit too suffocating if that makes sense...........possibly?

I've actually broken up from university but have a ton of work to do (h8 lyf) but seeing as I'm going to be at home for most of the next 3 weeks I'll probably be resuming blogging !


  1. Gorgeous outfit! x

  2. love the all black outfit you're rocking

  3. Leather shorts in the winter are a great look! I hate Christmas songs too and all my friends say I'm like Scrooge haha xo

  4. Great outfit, I love the faux fur collar on your cardigan
    Daniella x

  5. i love this outfit

    amazing xoxo

  6. Love this outfit!

  7. your hair looks amazing here